Submitted by Neil Bottomley on Sat, 10/22/2016 - 18:13

The fixtures for the games to be played on Tuesday October 27th are the same as those previously publshed, namely:

Tuesday October 27th 2015

7pm11Wessex APars AWessex B
8pm11Wessex BWessex APars A
9pm11Pars AWessex BWessex A
7pm21Bournemouth UniSandbanks APanthers A
8pm21Panthers ABournemouth UniSandbanks A
9pm21Sandbanks APanthers ABournemouth Uni
7pm32Pars BEaglesPanthers B
8pm32Panthers BPars BEagles
9pm32EaglesPanthers BPars B
7pm42Panthers CBournemouth VCWessex C
8pm42Wessex CPanthers CBournemouth VC
9pm42Bournemouth VCWessex CPanthers C

Scoresheets will be there at 7pm. The teams in bold above are the court managers (i.e. the referees of the last games) so whichever game is last to finish can that court manager collect all 12 scoresheets, put them in one of the usual stamped addressed envelopes and put them in a post box.