Submitted by Neil Bottomley on Sat, 10/22/2016 - 18:17

The games for November 10th and November 17th will involve the same teams are previously advertised, but with Volley Wallies' withdrawl the Division 2 games have to be rearranged. This can be done so that all the Div 2 teams who are due to play matches will play 2 games each (the preferable solution) but the consequence of that is that there is nobody to referee games that Volley Wallies would have refereed.

Therefore, the following fixtures involve one team having to referee two matches at the same time (e.g. one match on court three, the other on court 4). It also means that some teams are playing on two courts in one night so it is important that there are no delays as any will impact on all teams.

Tuesday Nomember 10th

Time Court Division Teams Officials
19:00 3 2 Sandbanks B v Sandbanks C Bournemouth Falcons
4 Spike Monkeys v Wessex Junior Boys
20:00 3 2 Sandbanks B v Wessex Junior Boys Sandbanks C
4 Spike Monkeys v Bournemouth Falcons
21:00 3 2 Bournemouth Falcons v Sandbanks C Spike Monkeys

Tuesday Nomember 17th

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