Submitted by Neil Bottomley on Sat, 10/22/2016 - 18:18

This web site has finally been updated with the latest league tables, they are at the following links:

but they can also be linked to from the top menu items (under Indoor League).

Tuesday November 17th

The games for November 17th involve the same teams as previously advertised, the fixtures are on the main fixtures page and on the Division 2 page. As was the case last week, the games involving Volley Wallies have been reorganised so that all teams get to play 2 games each. This will mean that, as was the case last week, some teams will have to referee on two courts at the same time which will mean that they will not have enough for two referees, scorers and line judges on each court so would teams be understanding of this.

Tuesday November 24th

These are the games previously scheduled to take place on October 20th, but they will have to be reorganised both to remove the teams no longer in the league and also because some of those fixtures involve teams who have already played each other. However, all Division 2 teams will be involved.