Submitted by Neil Bottomley on Sat, 10/22/2016 - 17:41

There were only three league games played last night (30/9/2014):

Division 2

  • Wessex Junior Boys 0-2 Spike Monkeys
  • Wessex C 0- 2 Wessex Junior Boys
  • Spike Monkeys 2-0 Wessex C

Despite two losses, the two points earned by Wessex C were enough to take top spot as (until next week) they have played more games than anyone else. Spike Monkeys' pair of 2-0 wins moved them up to third; Wessex Junior Boys moved up to fifth.

Updated Division 2 table with results, fixtures and cross-table.

Division 3

The first Division 3 games were played last night involving Wessex Boys, Panthers Ladies and Pars Ladies, who beat both of the others. A dedicated page will be created for Division 3 games in the near future.