1.1 The Rules govern all competitions organised by the Association.
1.2 Players take part in Association competitions at their own risk.


2.1 All competing clubs must be affiliated to Volleyball England.
2.2 All competitions (except Ladies/Junior Boys Division and junior competitions) are open to mens’, ladies’ and mixed teams and will be played over a men’s height net. The Ladies/Junior Boys Division will be played over a ladies height net.
2.3 In the event of a club changing its name, that club may not play in any Volleyball Dorset competition until all debts incurred under the old name have been paid.
2.4 Matches will be played to FIVB rules except where modified by Volleyball Dorset for safety reasons or court limitations etc.
2.5 Competitions will take place as per the publicised schedule and all teams must be ready to play at their scheduled match time.
2.6 Matches will normally be the best of three sets, unless circumstances require otherwise. The first two sets to 25 rally points (not 2 clear points ie. can win 25-24). The third set to 7 rally points: must be clear by 2 points, but capped at 9 points.
There will be no mid-set change of ends in any set and 2 minutes between sets.
2.7 In the third set there will be no time-outs and teams must rotate clockwise every time they win a point. Normal substitution rules apply in all sets.
2.8 The ‘warm-up’ will normally consist of five minutes general, two minutes hitting over the net through position 4, two minutes hitting over the net through position 2 and one minute serving and team talk. The referee will toss for service and choice of ends during the general warm-up.
2.9 The ’warm-up’ for the first match will commence at 7pm and the 5 minute net ‘warm-up’ will commence at the later time of 7.10pm or as soon as the court is ready. The five minute general ‘warm-up’ for all subsequent matches will commence as soon as the previous match has finished with the net ‘warm-up’ commencing 5 minutes after the start of the general ‘warm-up’.
2.10 Matches will start immediately after the net ‘warm-up’. If a team is incomplete and / or the players not recorded on the score sheet at the start time of its match, it will be deemed to have lost the first set 25 – 0. If the team is still incomplete 15 minutes later, it will be deemed to have lost the match 25 – 0, 25 – 0. If a team is incomplete at the ‘start time’, but has 5 players available, a 2- set friendly match shall start immediately. If the sixth player arrives during the first set of the friendly the second set will be played as normal and the score recorded.
2.11 The last match of the evening must finish on / or before 10pm. In the case of a match that is still in progress at 10pm., that match must finish immediately, the scores will be recorded on the score sheet. If there are no other available slots to rearrange the match, the set in progress will be awarded to the team leading at that time and if this leaves the match tied at 1:1, the result of the match shall be determined by the number of points won. If the teams are still tied, each team will be awarded two league points each i.e. one point for playing and one point for the set won.
2.12 With the exception of regulations governing the Libero player, all members of a team shall endeavour to wear identical kit, with the shirts at least being the same colour. A fine of £2.00 to be imposed in each instance a shirt does not comply. Instances of non-compliance are to be recorded on the score sheet by the Referee and Court Manager.
The Libero player can be identified by a clear marking, informed and acceptable to the referee prior to the match, on the shirt, or a player’s bib, as an alternative to wearing a different coloured shirt. If a team has one or more players not wearing uniform shirts who are not Libero players, that team may not nominate a Libero player.
2.13 Division 2 and Ladies/Junior Boys League players must not play the ball below the knee


3.1 League
a) League trophies will be competed for in divisions. Each team will normally play all others in that division twice during the season. If few teams are allocated to a division, teams may play each other more than twice during the season.
b) The following points system will operate

  • Winning match 2 sets to 0: 4 points
  • Winning match 2 sets to 1: 3 points
  • Losing match 1 set to 2: 2 points
  • Losing match 0 sets to 2: 1 point
  • Failure to fulfil a fixture 0 point
  • Failure to provide a match official -1 point
  • Failure to timely notify cancellation of a fixture -1 point

  • c) In the event of two or more teams being equal on points at the end of the season, the order of tie break will be: games won, set difference, sets won, individual points difference and then points won. If still unresolved, the Committee may decide upon a play-off, or draw lots to decide the winner, runner-up and relegation places.
    d) The winners of divisions shall normally be promoted and the bottom teams shall normally be relegated. The runner-up and next-to-bottom team of the higher division shall be placed in an appropriate division by decision at the AGM.

    3.2 One-night Tournaments
    a) One-night tournaments may be arranged if the league programme permits.
    b) These tournaments will be open to all Volleyball Dorset affiliated clubs and any other local club, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


    4.1 Score sheets will be supplied by the court manager. These will be correctly filled in by the scorer and signed by the scorer, both captains, the referee and the court manager.
    4.2 The referee is responsible for checking score sheets for completeness. The winning team shall scan and submit them to the Competitions Secretary by the agreed method.
    4.3 Any grievances regarding a match may be recorded on the score sheet by the referee, court manager or either captain.


    5.1 If any club returns its entry forms after the closing date, that club may be excluded from the competition concerned.
    5.2 If particular dates for the forthcoming season are known to be unacceptable, teams should inform the Competitions Secretary before the fixture list is compiled.
    5.3 A fixture list will be emailed to all club secretaries before the League starts and posted on the Volleyball Dorset website.
    5.4 No matches may be re-arranged under normal circumstances.
    5.5 Teams failing to fulfil a fixture after notifying all relevant parties (see Rule 5.7) will incur a fine equal to two match fees.
    5.6 When a team fails to turn up, the other team may play volleyball on the court during the time specified on the fixture list and reclaim their match fee.
    5.7 If a team is unable to fulfil a fixture, they must give at least 24 hours notice to the opposition, the clubs providing court manager, referees and scorer, and the Competitions Secretary. The defaulting team must fulfil both its own officials’ duties and that of the opposition, or make alternative arrangements for these duties to be done. Where a club fails to comply with this Rule, they will be fined £20, in addition to the fines that apply under Rule 5.5, for defaulting without notification. Failure to provide any or all of the officials will result in further fines in line with Rule 8.3 for each official not supplied.

    6 FEES

    6.1 At the start of the season, each club shall be required to deposit a “goodwill bond” (see scale of charges Rule 11) with the Treasurer. The amount of this bond shall be decided at the A.G.M. Fines and other penalties imposed on a club will be taken from this bond and the club must maintain the bond at the required amount throughout the season.
    6.2 Court fees will be set at the A.G.M. on advice from the Treasurer (see scale of charges rule 11), who may make small changes between the A.G.M. and the start of the competition, if circumstances make this necessary.
    6.3 Court fees may be adjusted during the season by the Executive Committee.
    6.4 Fees for Association competitions will be paid on request of the Treasurer, who may offer a discount for prompt payment at the discretion of the Committee.
    6.5 Clubs with unpaid fees have no voting rights, on request of the Treasurer.
    6.6 Failure to pay fees by or before the date set by the Committee may result in the club and all its members being excluded from all Association competitions.
    6.7 Late entries may be accepted by the Competitions Secretary on payment of a fee set by the Committee.
    6.8 If a club or team withdraws from any Volleyball Dorset competition without fulfilling all its fixtures, all match fees for those matches not fulfilled are still payable to Volleyball Dorset.


    7.1 The Association operates a Personal Registration of players. A registered player wishing to re-register with a different club requires a formal transfer.
    7.2 Players must normally be resident or working within a 35 mile radius of the venue for at least 6 weeks of the season; i.e. no visiting players are allowed.
    7.3 All players must be registered by their club with the Competitions Secretary before their first match of the season. Any new players must be registered with the Court Manager on the night of the game before they go on court. When registering players, the club must indicate on the registration form the standard to which each player is capable of performing official’s duties (1st or 2nd Referee, 1st or 2nd Division).
    7.4 When a club has two or more teams, each team will be ranked according to division. Clubs must then nominate their best team of six players for their topranked team and these six players cannot play for any other team. For the next ranked team the next best team of six players must be nominated and these six can only play for that team or the team ranked above, and so on. When a club has two or more teams in the same division of the league, they will be ranked equal; each team must have its nominated “six” unless it wishes to nominate a squad of more than six, none of whom may play for another team except of higher ranking. However, clubs may apply to the Executive Committee for a player to be transferred formally, and once only per season, between teams within that club. Clubs found abusing the system and using substitute players to fulfil fixtures on a regular basis will incur penalties, as decided by the committee.
    7.5 Players may only play in a higher division four times, after which permission must be sought from the Competitions Secretary to continue playing in the higher division without transfer. A player whose name appears on the score sheet will be deemed to have played. However, if a player from a lower division is entered on the score sheet, but does not play in the match, then his/her name may be deleted from the score sheet.
    7.6 No player may play for more than one club during a season without a formal transfer. Exceptions: Ladies Division and one-night Tournaments.
    7.7 Only one transfer per player per season is allowed.
    7.8 A transfer fee will be paid to the Association by the receiving club (see scale of charges rule 11). This may be waived, at the discretion of the Committee, if the transfer takes place between the end of one winter league season and the registration of players for the next (see rule 7.3).
    7.9 No player may transfer to another team after 1st February, unless there are exceptional circumstances and prior written permission has been given from the Competitions Secretary.
    7.10 All transfer requests must be by email or text to the Competitions Secretary from each of the player and the secretaries of the two clubs involved. The transfer will not be deemed to have taken place until the communications have been received by the Competitions Secretary.
    7.11 No player may be approached by any member of another club except with the permission of that player’s club secretary. If any player contacts another club with a view to transferring, the club approached must inform the player’s existing Club Secretary.
    7.12 A player owing money to one club will not play for another club in any of the Association’s competitions unless permission has been granted by the Committee.
    7.13 When a player leaves a defunct club and joins another, the defunct club’s debts to the Association must be discharged before that player is allowed to play for his/her new club. This is at the discretion of the Committee.


    8.1 Clubs playing in the league or tournaments shall provide Court Manager, 1st and 2nd Referees, and Scorer when nominated by the Competitions Secretary or Tournament Organiser.
    8.2 All referees nominated by clubs to referee games in the local league should have attended, as a minimum requirement, a referees’ seminar (see rule 8.3). First Division referees shall be of a standard of competence as decided by the Officials Secretary.
    8.3 Every team must send a representative to attend the referees’ seminar and rules update session at the start of the winter season. Any team failing to send a representative shall be deducted 1 league point.
    8.4 The referee or umpire must be present courtside and control the pre-match warm-up. Failure of the referee or umpire to be present courtside and control the teams for the full warm-up will result in that official’s team incurring a £5 fine. If a team fails to supply any of its required officials by the beginning of the first set, it will also lose one league point. Should a team fail to provide officials on any further occasion during the same season, the fines will be doubled.
    8.5 A pool of referees, umpires and scorers will be provided by the Officials Secretary to officiate at matches for which teams cannot supply officials. These officials, if used, will be paid by the team unable to supply officials (see scale of charges rule 11).
    8.6 At least one week’s notice must be given to the Officials Secretary that a team cannot supply officials. Failure to give this notice will implement rule 8.4.
    8.7 Officials will carry out their duties as described in the Volleyball England rule book.
    8.8 The referee should not be substituted during the course of a match except in the case of illness, or according to Rule 8.4.


    9.1 A player or coach who receives a personal warning (red card) will be charged three disciplinary points.
    9.2 A player or coach who is sent off for the rest of a set (red and yellow cards together) will be charged six disciplinary points and will be ineligible to participate in their team’s next match in that competition. The referee shall record the circumstances on the back of the scoresheet and the case shall be considered by the Executive Committee for possible further action.
    9.3 A player or coach who is sent off for the rest of a match (red + yellow cards apart) will receive ten disciplinary points, and be ineligible to participate in their team’s next two matches in that competition. The referee shall record the circumstances on the back of the scoresheet and the case shall be considered by the Executive Committee for possible further action.
    9.4 If in the course of a season a player or coach accumulates six points, they will be ineligible to participate in their teams’ next match in that competition and their case will be considered by the Executive Committee for possible further action. 9.5 Action involving dissent and/or ungentlemanly conduct towards any of the officials will be regarded seriously. Clubs are encouraged to apply internal discipline in such cases.
    9.6 The Committee shall be entitled, at its absolute discretion, to impose disciplinary points, fines, suspension or disqualification on players, coaches, teams or clubs.


    On any night, the application and interpretation of these rules will be carried out by the Court Manager. Any team may appeal a Court Manager’s decision by writing to the Executive Committee, within 72 hours of the match.


  • Goodwill Bond..... £100-00
  • Match Fee........... £24-00
  • Transfer Fee........ £5-00
  • Officials Fee........ £10-00 per Official
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